Friday, May 28, 2010

praising male looks --- another SEARCH!

The other point made in the original blog that sparked off this line of thought was that this trend of obsession with looks does not work both ways. (Rita also brought up this point in her comment to the results blog. Yes Rita, I have considered it). While the hero is constantly seen to ogle and laud the woman’s looks, the woman doesn’t turn around and say “the same to you” or “you are pretty hot yourself you beefcake”. Very few songs are about the body of the man. Apparently, the “good girls don’t think about sex” rule applies here as much as it does anywhere else. Also…men are “heere ki anguthi” priceless by virtue of the fact that they are male. Who cares what they look like right?

Although, after a little thought, I did come up with a few songs from Hindi films praising or teasing a man based on body parts/looks.

"ude jab jab zulfen teri kawariyon ka dil machle" young yummy Dilip Kumar being Adam teased by an equally scintillating Vaijayanthi Mala. Naya Daur

"uncha lamba kad hai, chauda bhi to had hai... dekhne me tagda hai, jungle se pakda hai" from "sapne me milti hai" Satya

"paan khaye saiyan humaro...sanwari hai sooratiya hoonth laal laal" Teesri Kasam

"chikni soorat tu kahan tha ab talak ye bata" Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke (major Adam teasing scene with Aamir Khan being teased by a factory full of women)

“bade hain dil ke kaale haan yahi neeli si ankhon wale” Asha Parekh singing to Shammi Kapoor to which he replies “soorat buri ho bura nahi dil mera” Dil Deke Dekho

“hansta hua noorani chehera, kaali zulfein rang sunehra, teri jawaani tauba tauba re dilruba” Parasmani. Two court dancers addressing the princess’s lover.

That’s all I could remember offhand though, which frankly isn’t much when you are talking about some 50 years of film songs. So what say we have a parallel competition? Think of songs praising/teasing MEN …. Based on looks.


  1. Yes, I'm sure there must be a few here and there - although I can't think of any offhand. But, even the ones you mentioned are not a patch to the female-body-looks obsession that filmy songs (and art, for that matter) display. It's all about females viewed as commodity,of course. The whole cosmetic/fashion industries thrive on this.

  2. The songs I mentioned are already listed here :) Let me think of more...