Saturday, May 29, 2010

The final chapter

Unless someone else comes up with something…

Well, this is amazing! Even Dips, the chalta firta dictionary of Hindi films, including B and C grade ones, has failed to come up with any new input into the quality based songs. The only track he could add Was something I’ve never even heard –

TERI PYARI PYARI BAATEN MUJHE ACCHI LAGTI HAIN – apparently from the Madhuri Dixit and Anil Kapoor Starrer JAMAI RAJA.

As for me, much wracking of the brains has produced nothing at all. The only songs I can think of, describing a woman’s qualities rather than looks, are horrible background tracks in tear jerkers. Stuff that goes on and on about how a woman is weak/goddess of purity/personification of sacrifice. Movies like “Jeevan Dhara” and “Sansaar” had such numbers, which I find frankly disgusting.

The only positive background WOMAN song I can think of, offhand, is “Hasti Teri Vishaal, Kudrat Ka Tu Kamaaal” from “hum dil de chuke sanam.” An almost unknown part of this great soundtrack, the number has amazing lyrics, and just the kind of talk I like to hear.

As for the other challenge, the description of a Man’s looks in Hindi film songs, it’s not faring much better either. The dictionary man has suggested

SASURAL GENDA PHOOL from Delhi 6. A good choice, especially with the “bush-shirt pahinke khaike beeda paan, poore Raipur se alag hai saiyan ji ki shaan”

So… good one!

And another…

BACK MARTA HAI Front Marta Hai– from POLICE OFFICER starring Jackie Shroff and Karishma Kapoor.

This one I don’t know at all, hence cannot comment.

Well, that’s about it for these two threads for now. If anything new comes up, we’ll see.


  1. Hi Jia
    loving the blog...and just wanted to put in my two cents: While it is true that most hindi songs address a woman's looks, rather than inner qualities, I'd like to point out that 'shall I compare thee to a summers day?' also starts off with how 'lovely' the subject is (ok yes it also ends uo with lots of non beauty stuff, but mostly about shakespeare's writing, not about the beloved's qualities).
    If it's good enough for shakespeare...

  2. I think paan stained mouth is described in many songs!! "Paan khaye saiyan hamaro, mal mal ke kurte pe, cheent laal laal.."

    Another rare song that describes a man is "Uren jab jab zulfen teri, kunwarian da dil machle..."

  3. Hi jia mam,i really like the way u hv anlyzed hindi songs n how a woman is portayed in them. But there r songs like 'Maa pyari maa' frm dasvidaniya and 'tu kitni achhi hai' frm the movie 'Raja aur Rank', which portray the divine qualities of a woman that is Maa.So hindi songs r not always as meaningless as it seems.
    - gutgut2006