Friday, May 28, 2010

And the SEARCH continues ...

Some more entries have come in. this time, I’ll do a running commentary/analysis.

Bhai suggests:

Samne ye kaun aya – nice number, and not overtly about looks. Although not about any other qualities either. Just impact.

Lets say …. MAYBE

Tum a gaye ho noor a gaya hai – about the feelings “you” inspire, rather than who or what you are. Celebration of finding a soul-mate. Conceivably, the soulmate has a lot of qualities.


Tumse milke – again…more about the effect of love on one’s life than about the beloved.


O ri chori – really lovely romantic song. Definitely no mention of looks. But is it about qualities either? Its more of an “I love you, will you be mine” duet.

Chhoo kar mere man ko – lovely number. Beautiful lyrics, Rabindranath Tagore’s tune. Definitely about the EFFECT the beloved has, rather than what she looks like. No mention of any particular qualities either though.

So…definitely a MAYBE

O mere dil ke chayn – again, amazing number. Lovely lyrics. The only mention of qualities is “tum jo pakad lo haath mera duniya badal sakta hun main”. However, this could be construed as either HER strength, or the strength HE derives from love.

So… another definite MAYBE

Jeevan se bhari teri ankhen – hmmm…. On the surface…”what was crazyuddie thinking????” it’s ALL about looks right? “rangon chhandon me samayegi kis tarah se itni sundarta”; “madhuban ki sugandh hai saanson me” (is lack of bad breath a look or quality do u think? :D putting it down to PHYSICAL though) and “baahon me kamal ki komalta”. However, in my mind at least, “kirnon ka tej hai chehre par, hirnon ki hai tujhme chanchalta” are about WHO she is… strong, playful, rather than what she looks like. Also, “jeevan se bhari” eyes that make you want to live, seems like a definite positive quality.

So…. Another definite MAYBE

Dard e dil – flirting with an Unknown. Hardly about any qualities. Impact yes. What happens when the thunderbolt hits you for the first time. But, by definition, love at first “sight” is about appearance…right?

So…. I guess that’s a NO, unless anyone can suggest reasons to the contrary.

Phoolon ke rang se – now this one’s weird. A love song for one’s land. However, uddie suggests that imagining it addressed at a beloved, it might work in this category. Hmmm yes it would.

Rita went with

Kaun aaya mere man ke dwaare, paayal ki jhankaar liye – don’t have the lyrics to that one, so cannot coment….anyone?

a tum hume jaano, na hum tumhe jaanen – nice number. Beautifully sung in Hemant Kumar’s honeyed voice. However, is it about the beloved at all? More about the beginning of love, the thunderbolt, the effect of meeting this person, and what’s happening after that.

That’s a NO in my book.

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  1. yeah, you're right about 'na thum'. as for 'kaun aaya' - it's a manna dey number - beautiful - but, I guess it won't do either in this category...