Monday, December 14, 2015

Pride - 3 PRIDE WALK!

The colours and the celebration! 

More than 2000 (that's right - two THOUSAND) people turned up to walk for Love, Equality, and Solidarity!

There was dancing ...

And mystified onlookers....

And more dancing ...

posters galore 

and SO MUCH colour

What a fantastic day

PRIDE - 2 (Art and Craft)

Making posters for Pride walk


And another round of Poster making

And making badges!

They turned out pretty good!

PRIDE -1 ( The Fund Raiser)

So, the pre pride fundraiser in Kolkata this year was a costume party (mainly because i insisted so much on a costume party he he).  Preparations included the topi....

and the jooti.... 

The final result ended up being something like this....

The cronies looked pretty nice too!


And then the Drinking began       and pics continued

more friends arrived

 and much fun was had!