Monday, May 30, 2016

A new and innovative approach

So, the most exciting thing in my life for the last month or so has been the planning and discussions around the launch of the first Queer Feminist Cafe in Kolkata!

What FUN! Performances, food and beverages to buy, handmade accessories, and handcrafted chocolates on sale, and lots and lots of wonderful, amazing people. What could be better than that? 

So the  First planning meeting went well, 

As we got closer to D-Day, the Menu was finalised.

And then the big day arrived!

All the food was ready and laid out.

Other small touches placed here and there, like this little graphic booklet.

Beautiful handmade jewelry by the Lovely Diasha was put out on display for sale

As well as some funky and fun Bow ties, also by Diasha.

And handcrafted chocolates by Rupsha.

And some yummy brownies by Melete.

Different areas of the space go decked up

And various nooks got marked out.

And then, people started to arrive, and the fun began! 
Many people hung out in the living room area.

while others chose to be more isolated to start with.

Some got all dressed up.

And then it REALLY got going.

AND! there were the performances!

Some songs

And a lot of poetry!

Including mine :D

Overall... an extremely good time was had by all!

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