Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The beauty and the beast, the victim and the perpetrator (check My daughter will always have a refuge and Will he pay? for details). Will he pay for what he did to her? Her name was Jhumpa Choudhury, She was 34, lively, vivacious, intelligent, beautiful, and the mother of a two year old girl. The husband is called Subroto Das. He is a doctor in Agartala, Tripura. I think the word needs to spread, and he needs to be shamed, at the very least, for what happened.


  1. what actually happened? can you let us know, please...

  2. all the details are in the other two posts that link from this one. alternatively u can click on february in the blog archives to your right. blog title is "My daughter will always have a refuge". and in march, the blog title is "Will he pay?" or u can simply click on the "check this blog and this one for details". the words "this blog" and "this one" will take your to the relevant posts with all the details.

  3. Thank you for bringing attention to what has happened. She deserves to be heard.

    1. the only hope is that something might come of it.